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 animation loops and aquarells / 2017

(click image to see video)



Boycotting Meekness is a series of works that deals with the anger of everyday people and their possibilities for disobedience. It focuses on women, and aims to make unlearn the given image of the beautiful, tame and inert victim. Inspiration is also coming from the current Hungarian socio-political environment in which the weary population is paralyzed by the paternalist, nationalist regime.


















DoubleTake JulesFerry webre               GALLIENI vazlat             JF akvarell anim webre 

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(series of videos and drawings)



Double Take is the moment when an unexpected spectacle steps out from the stream of perception and - though we already went passed it - we turn back to take a look again. My aim is to dig out conventions in everyday life that we are so used to that they become invisible. As examples of these conventions I chose some public statues that are being part of the everyday idyllic urban landscape and I virtually modify them in a subversive way.  














The Anatomy of The Flock

4'30" HD videoloop / 2015

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The video is an animation loop. It is composed of several collage-like scenes. The background is based on a 3D space with textures of photos of real estate advertisements that were downloaded from the internet. The protagonists are invented characters that are painted and animated in 2D. We see them while they exercise self healing, rebirth, purification, being beautiful or simply just 'good'. Their means (tools) are miraculous and esoteric. These absurd time passings are charged with a strange mixture of religion, shamanism and international esotery.









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Dispenser of Delights

oil on printed photo / 20-45 cm x 30 - 60 cm / 2013-14


The starting point of the concept of the series “Dispenser of Delights” is based on social and political observations. It’s a research on credulity, indifference, apathy and infantility. It is a series of paintings made on printed real estate advertisement photos from the internet.  The real estate photos are actual images of flats for sale. The activities of the inhabitants are imagined deriving from the design of the rooms, as they can be seen as the extensions of the resident's souls. 









Our Lady web

consecration  Holy Queen web  memorare web  The Seven Sorrowrs web

 Our Lady 2012

5 paintings: oil on paper calendar / 2012

5 videos: 30" HD videoloop / 2012


Our Lady in Art is a series of paintings and videos based on a found 2012 Calendar decorated with classical paintings of the ’Mary and the Child’. With some alteration the original paintings are 'contemporized';  the Lady turned her into a hipster girl with lap dog that formely was the Child. 

The videos are 30 second loops, in which these paintings are animated.










The Reconquest of Paradise

3' HD videoloop / 2011


The Reconquest of Paradise is a 3 minute long animated loop with sound that depicts an 'idealistic' future of Hungary. It is an exaggerate idyll with a centralized common taste that many Hungarians share these days. The video contains hints of actuality; displaying nationalistic and folkloric symbols where christianity is mixed with the world of "ősmagyar"-pagan-shaman-astrological beliefs, full of mysticism and prophecy. The animation is based on a large oil canvas I painted in 2011








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 2053 install

8 ' HD video loop, 5 channel / 2010

trendi par 01

akvarell thumbs jelen 0017 trendi nyugdijasok   erno copy   oregdj 02  VJk

in 2053

8 ' HD video loop, 5 channel / 2010

5 paintings / oil on wood / 21 x 30 cm /2010



In 2053 is part of a series dealing with old age and near future. It is a phantasmagoria about how today’s young generation will view things in their late 70’s around the 2050’s. Deriving from the observation that people’s personalities and ideologies tend to stay the same as when they were young the video attempts to imagine the elderly version of today’s teens.


The series contains several small sized aquarelles and 5 detailed portraits of imaginary characters painted in oil. Based on the 5 portraits was created a 5 channel video animation, that is an interview with these characters.










oil on polyesther / 76 x67 cm / 2010
2'45" HD videoloop /2010

is a video is based on a painting that I painted in 2009. The painting portraits a fictive person called Maria. In the video this portrait becomes „alive” and it is complaining about the painting. Maria is criticizing it because she thinks it is not similar to her. The voice is made by Éva Magyarósi.







sassetta exscript

 Sassetta Speedcore

1' HD videoloop / 2011


Sassetta Speedcore is a 1 minute video loop, that is a paraphrase of one of Stefano di Giovanni Sassetta’s paintings from the 15th century, Damnation of the Soul of the Miser of Citerna (1437-44), in which the figures – in accordance with the age that has changed – are passing time by playing with digital gadgets or listening to music with headphones, in front of a wall full of tags and graffiti.



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tiger  niagara web

How much is a kilo? 

series of aquarells on latex (9 - 12 cm x 15 - 21 cm)

and 30' videoloops, DV /2007-2009

The series of small paintings and short video-loops explores different aspects of everyday situations to comment on current socio-political life in a post-communist country where the actual political situation is quite worrisome. It explores manifestations and the origins of public opinion by focusing on ordinary details that are so familiar that they almost become invisible. The protagonists bear signs of vulnerability, inertia, weariness, unconcern as well as unattainable desires to be perfect or just being someone else. 






The Humiliation of Geometry

oil on pages of a geometry book; 2006-2011


The Humiliation of Geometry is a series of paintings on a geometric constructions. The painted forms lazily befall on the perfect platonic ideas, discgracing them with unserieus assosiations like form of a cake or ice cream. 








3 channel DV videoloop; 2007


These shapes are desperately exercising to get in a perfect form, of a Sphere, a Cube and a Cylinder.





















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